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David Davis a hot topic - and he was not even there The Brexit secretary's comments that the government could change its mind about what has been agreed so far have come up a lot. MEPs voted in favour of an amendment which said he risked undermining the good most popular shopping sites faith that has built up between both sides, and which reminded the government that they have to stick to their promises if they want to make good progress in the next phase of talks. Is Nigel Farage preparing for ANOTHER referendum? The former UKIP leader still chairs one of the political groups here, which gives him a prime speaking slot. He went on an epic rant about how "Theresa the Appeaser" had bowed to all of the EU's demands, which he claimed would lead to continued immigration from Europe. A future government could keep the UK in the single market too. "I fear we will have to fight for Brexit all over again," he said. Is he gearing up to force a referendum on the final Brexit deal if it is too soft for his liking? The second most talked-about-subject after Brexit was a letter sent by the President of the European Donald Tusk who chairs the summits of EU leaders.

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Theresa May with Jean-Claude Juncker These include free trade deals as well as numerous agreements on all types of regulatory co-operation. When the UK leaves the EU it will no longer be a legal part of any of these agreements - there is no way to roll them over automatically, and time to modify any of them to include the UK is already running extremely short. That's more than enough to be sorted out before we even start thinking about the outlines of a future relationship with the EU - on trade, security, foreign policy and other issues. Image caption The UK government wants to move on to start talking about trade Additional EU guidelines on the future relationship won't be published until next year anyway, and that means formal discussion of these issues may not begin for several months. Even then, the EU will not see them as proper trade talks. Internal EU documents talk of "preliminary and preparatory discussions with the UK on a framework for the future relationship" with the aim of agreeing a political declaration between the two sides by October 2018. A broad political discussion of that kind is a world away from a legal process leading to agreement on a new treaty. In the EU's legalistic world view, formal talks can only begin after Brexit, when the UK itself becomes a third country. "Political agreements, with highfalutin aspirational guff, are one thing," said the former UK Permanent Representative to the EU, Ivan Rogers, in a recent lecture. "Legally binding agreements, treaty changes and trade deal texts are another." The UK government will hope to make progress more quickly, but it has yet to decide itself what kind of Brexit, and what kind of future relationship, it really wants.