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REUTERS/Geirix 5/5 By Stine Jacobsen and Zoe Robert | REYKJAVIK REYKJAVIK Support for Iceland's Pirates in parliamentary elections has turned out lower than anticipated, making it less likely that the anti-establishment party will be part of a new government, early election results showed on Sunday. Voters looked to oust the governing center-right government in its current form, though the ruling coalition partner, the Independence Party, took a stronger lead than expected, signaling that voters recognized the efforts made to stabilize the economy after a 2008 banking collapse. The Pirate Party, founded by internet activists, came in third in early counting, and though their support looks to have tripled compared to the previous election, the results were still weaker than recent polls had indicated. Both the Independence Party and the Pirate Party have so far ruled out working together, though this could change during negotiations in the days to come. With roughly 40 percent of overall votes counted, the center-right Independence Party emerged as the winner with 30 percent, followed by the Left-Greens with 16 percent and the Pirate Party third at almost 14 percent. "Our internal predictions showed 10 to 15 percent so this (the first results) is at the top of รองเท้าผ้าใบส้นเตารีด the range. We knew that we would never get 30 percent," Pirate Party leader and a published poet Birgitta Jonsdottir told Reuters at an election wake at the harbor of Reykjavik. Neither the two center-right parties currently in government nor the four opposition parties led by the Pirates looked able to win a majority. Three political scientists that Reuters talked to said it was very difficult to predict what kind of constellation would emerge when all the votes are counted. In a tight race, the newly established Vidreisn, or Reform Party, could become kingmaker. The pro-European, liberal party has not yet taken sides.

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