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Craig Russell brought fame to Torontos gay village. The drag queens who remain keep its sparkle alive

Carlotta Carlisle does a makeup check before performing. “Anybody who is really talented in the theatre (has) an entry card into that world,” says Gilbert. When many people wouldn’t have talked to him on the street, Russell’s “talent trumped and it was his ticket to the mainstream.” “Drag is the fabric that keeps gay bars together,” said a drag performer and the co-founder of Toronto’s Buddies in Bad Times Theatre.  (Carlos Osorio/Toronto Star)   Drag has always been part of the Toronto gay community, and has a long-held place in LGBTQ culture. Gilbert says the appeal comes from an audience attraction to femininity, confidence and challenging gender norms. “It’s about gender being restrictive and being able to play with your identity,” he says. “It doesn’t matter what genitals you are born with. You can dress as you like and act as you like … (Drag) was part of gay liberation.” Russell led the way for drag in Canada. Born in 1948, he was raised in Port Perry, Scarborough and Toronto. His father was a military man, who did not appreciate having a son who wanted to wear girls’ clothes and shoes. “His father was ashamed and embarrassed when his son was so not manly,” says Allison Badger, Russell’s daughter.

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