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it on billboards." Egypt's Consumer Protection Agency has now intervened on legal grounds and the billboards are in the process of being removed, according to the Mada Masr news website .

The chain, which has 21 stores in the Chicago market, plans to offer a home delivery service by midsummer by partnering with a service called Shipt. (Zbigniew Bzdak / Chicago Tribune) Greg Trotter Contact Reporter Chicago Tribune Meijer will offer a new home delivery service for groceries at all its suburban Chicago stores by midsummer, Meijer CEO Rick Keyes said Thursday. Consider it the latest salvo in what is sure to become an all-out war for your online grocery dollars. Throughout the country, retailers are scrambling to figure out how to best sell groceries online

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either through delivery, pickup or both to compete with online retailers like Amazon and while also enticing customers to visit the actual stores. Meijer believes it has found at least part of the solution, partnering with a grocery delivery service called Shipt, which allows customers to connect with "personal shoppers" through an app for a membership fee. Customers will be able to communicate with the paid shoppers in real time, indicate preferences for example, whether they prefer green bananas and add to their lists as needed. "Food and fresh fruit right to your door is key, and it's what we're most excited about," Keyes said. "Chicagoland is certainly very important to us, and we want to make sure we get there (with delivery) as soon as possible." There is one small catch: no alcohol, at least not in the beginning, according to a Meijer spokesman. A Shipt membership will cost $99 for the year or $14 per month and will allow customers to access to more than 50,000 items sourced from their nearby Meijer store, Keyes said. People living within a 30-minute drive or so from a Meijer location will be able to sign up, he said. The service, which Meijer already has tested in southeastern Michigan, will be available by the end of the year in all 230 Meijer supercenters and grocery stores in Michigan, Illinois, Indiana, Ohio, Kentucky and Wisconsin.

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