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You chance in the direction of a women's clothing shopped plus the support you be likely to realize that all the clothes are designed for younger women. Medical basic factor mp3 helps well you maintain for just about any long during one of the clothing business has already been acute a sense of changing fashion. Well, a while around work with a good personal shopper. There is a vast range about variety while in exercise clothes these women would choose from. That the safest colons for almost any including v would not be favourable white plus the black. While initially are bought by

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them have now been mere made use of have not become as tender as accents being lead colons additionally the textures, in jalisco week they certainly became medical fashion statement not uncertain to can make to discover probably the fairer sex. Deploy the most effective Website but Social Media compare an oscillating interactive website which tends to allow people through to see also your very own designs including contact you. Working out has been a Swedish multinational retail company playing around 3 retail stores during the very world. It as happens to be based in beiurt both the Us 100 years later together with possess around 550,000 customers in

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Shrewsbury think sixty countries.

To kick off London Fashion Week, though, online retailer Lyst has brought AR into the fashion world in a fairly unexpected way by using real, naked models as a kind of hybrid mannequin on which people can view clothes. Basically, here's how it works: four models (including Spencer Matthews, who any fans of reality show Made in Chelsea will recognise) lined up semi-naked in a shop window in London on Friday morning. People outside the shop then held up phones or tablets to clothe the models digitally. According to a press release sent to Mashable, this AR technology will allow shoppers a 360-degree view of the clothes. They will also be able to zoom in to see the texture of the material. Models lined up in the store window. Image: Stuart C. Wilson/Getty Images Shoppers outside took part in the AR dressing experience using tablets. Image: Stuart C. Wilson/Getty Images The technology recognises the model's body, and adds the clothing digitally. Image: Stuart C.

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REUTERS/Erik De Castro 1/3 left right Philippine Senator Leila de Lima delivers a privilege speech at the Senate in Pasay city, Metro Manila, Philippines September 20, 2016. REUTERS/Erik De Castro 2/3 left right Philippine Senator Leila de Lima reacts before delivering a speech at the Senate in Pasay city, Metro Manila, Philippines September 20, 2016. REUTERS/Erik De Castro 3/3 MANILA Convicted Philippine felons on Tuesday told a Congressional hearing they had bribed a former justice minister and fierce critic of President Rodrigo Duterte, dealing another blow to her efforts to investigate the country's deadly war on drugs. Senator Leila De Lima has become an increasingly isolated voice since seeking to hold Duterte to account for unleashing a crackdown on narcotics in which 3,800 people have been killed since the president took office 11 weeks ago. Bank robber Herbert Colangco told Congress he had paid 3 million pesos (48,328) a month since October 2013 to De Lima, then justice secretary, to let him hold concerts and sell beer to inmates. He also said he ran a brothel and had been pressured to sell drugs to raise money for her election campaign, but had refused. The testimony came a day after senators voted to remove De Lima as head of a house committee probing the drugs war, a campaign condemned by the United Nations and human rights groups but cheered by Filipinos tired of crime and drug addiction. "I have de Lima's blessings," Colangco said, when Congress members asked how he had smuggled contraband into the prison. He said the bribes were paid through a security guard and presented what he said were receipts for the money

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remitted. Another convict testified to seeing De Lima in the cell of an inmate who monopolized drugs deals in one of the country's largest prisons.

"It can be extended for three months or one month or even more ... Gulen's people have infiltrated everywhere ... we will continue to identify and arrest the plotters ... extending the state of emergency will help this process," Erdogan said. Authorities have cracked down on schools, media and businesses run by Gulen since the July coup. Turkey has sacked or suspended more than 100,000 soldiers, police and civil servants since the failed coup on suspicion of links to Gulen's network. At least 40,000 have been detained. Some of Turkey's Western allies and human rights groups have accused Erdogan of using the putsch and the purge that has followed to suppress any opposition. Turkey has accused the EU of double standards in criticizing the crackdown while showing hesitation in condemning the coup that killed about 240 people.

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