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Jason Chaffetz, R-Utah, chairman of the House Oversight Committee, has summoned Walter Shaub Jr., the director of the Office of Government Ethics, to answer questions about his public comments on Trump. This week, Shaub issued a scathing review of Trump's plan to turn over control of his business to his sons. Shaub said in a speech Wednesday that the only way Trump could avoid a conflict of interest as president would be to divest from his business and have his assets placed in a blind trust. "Stepping back from running his business is meaningless from a conflict of interest perspective," Shaub said of Trump. Chaffetz sent Shaub a sternly worded letter late Thursday requesting that he sit for a transcribed interview. He said the interview would "help the committee understand how you perceive OGE's role, among other things." "Your agency's mission is to provide clear ethics guidance, not engage in public relations," Chaffetz wrote. In an interview, Chaffetz said Shaub is offering opinions on conflicts of interest without fully researching the circumstances. "What he's doing is highly unethical," Chaffetz said. Chaffetz said his own letter was drafted before Shaub's speech. Chaffetz said he has been trying to meet with Shaub since the fall but that Shaub has declined his invitations. "All I wanted to do is try to get him to come in and talk to us," Chaffetz said.

Physically Im helping them get organized or put a new wardrobe together or create better flow in a room, but emotionally my hope is they come to a place inside where they let go of self-judgment. It doesnt serve anyone. Korbet said the emotional piece is what she finds most compelling about her work. Thats the beauty buried beneath the clutter, she said. One of my favorite quotes is this one by Leonard Cohen: Theres a crack in everything. Thats how the light gets in. With big brown eyes, bright red lipstick and a stylish, red wraparound sweater, Korbet looks the part of a fashion designer, a world in which she worked for many decades. Armed with a degree in marketing from Milliken University in Decatur, Illinois, she spent nearly a decade in New York City in the 1990s as director of sales for Judith Ann, an eveningwear manufacturer that supplied clothes to highbrow stores such as Sax Fifth Avenue and I. Magnin. Before landing in Sonoma County, Korbet also worked as buyer for a high-end womens boutique in Dallas, directed sales for a couture designer in Chicago and served as director of sales for the San Francisco-based maternity retailer Japanese Weekend. Her organizational skills are self-taught, learned from living in small but fabulous studio apartments in big cities where space was at a premium. This is one of the reasons why, when I work with a client, I cant stand to see space wasted, she said. A year ago, Korbet moved to Santa Rosa with her English husband, Richard Allum.

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